[Unity 3D] Dynamically modify collider 2D


You would like to modify/update game object’s collider (EdgeCollider2D) from the code behind. Collider is marked as “Is Trigger” but you are not getting any events (like OnTriggerEnter2D, OnTriggerStay2D or OnTriggerExit2D).


Took me at least few hours to find out that collider cannot be inside other collider, otherwise (apparently) Unity will optimize it and remove it.


When you add collider that you want to modify in runtime, make sure it’s outside of another one. On the picture below you will see I am using BoxCollider around player. Inside it I added EdgeCollider 2D that I wanted to update when user is moving. When EdgeCollider was inside BoxCollider, it didn’t trigger any events. If you move it outside of it, everything will start working.



EdgeCollider 2D will “collide” however when “Is Trigger” is not marked. Then his initial position can be inside of the other collider.


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